Large Diameter O-rings

Scarf Joined and Vulcanised O-rings

Large diameter O-rings made by joining a length of extruded O-ring cord into an endless ring have no limit on the maximum size, other than the practical issues of being able to measure the length and handle the production of the O-ring.

Our scarf cut vulcanised joined O-rings (SJV O-rings) are made from high quality polymers formulated to offer excellent performance in most applications. Our standard materials are Nitrile (60º, 75º, FDA 75º and 90º Shore A); Viton® (60º Black, 75º Black, 75º Black FDA/3-A, 75º Green, 75º Brown and 90º Black Shore A; EPDM (60º, 75º and 75º FDA) ; Neoprene (60º, 75º and 75º FDA); Silicone 75º FDA and AFLAS 75º.

Our standard range of SJV O-rings are available on short lead times and require no tooling charge.  We also offer a wider range of special materials including metal detectable grades  - please contact customer services for more information.

Large Diameter Moulded O-rings

Where lead time is not so critical and the cost of a mould tool is not an issue we can offer fully moulded O-rings with an internal diameters upto 2500mm.

For further information about our Large Diameter O-rings please call customer services.

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